# Technology

Great software is made by people who think about structure, usability, design, code, maintainability and documentation. They are also thinking about a lot of other things as well, but let’s not go into that here. The thing is that they are thinking about the right things at the right time. Or rather before the ‘wrong’ time.

So, for great software you need people who think about things. But you also need technology, here you find my technology favorites.

# Java – JEE

My all time favorite for large, stable back end systems.
If you need to build or integrate systems and expose them to the internet or other systems, this is your first choice. Java’s wide range of mature connectivity options extends the lifetime of your existing systems without slowing down innovation.

The large number of software vendors, application frameworks and developers makes Java ideal for business software within your organization. And since Java and it’s developers are partial to standardization you can integrate with third-party systems without much risk.

The perfect engine, that powers your apllications on the web and mobile platforms.

Just be cautious using the multitude of frameworks that are available, not all of them are as mature we would like to think. And if you are looking for flashy B2C websites you don’t want to use Java for the user interface part. I believe it is more suited for business oriented sites.

# Ruby – Ruby on Rails

The king of web applications, Ruby on Rails!
With generators to create the standard plumbing code and a whole universe of components (plugins and gems) for commonly needed functionality rails will get you on your way fast. Rails has been around for quite some time and it keeps getting better. It is ideal for building good looking web applications that don’t break when you use them.

It’s openness makes sure you can enjoy your new web application next year as well. The number of developers is growing steadily and more and more businesses are discovering the speed and agility of using this technology stack.

Finally IT can keep up with your business demands.

# Mobile – Android

The rise of the mobile platform.
More and more people have a smart phone and use it to access the internet and (web based) applications. The rising star among smart phone platforms is called Android. Android gives Java developers a head start since it is based on Java and it’s openness creates many new opportunities for businesses.

A mobile app is a powerful companion to your web application and can extend the reach of your business.