# Services

# Architecture

If you are looking for the JEE architect that can boost your project, look no further. Lower risks by getting an architect that can not only talk the talk but also walk the walk.
It is very important that architects and developers can communicate and have a solid foundation in trust based on experience and knowledge. Nobody wants an architect (or developer) that can only talk about his work, you want one that can also do it himself!

Let me help you on your project. Contact me and we can see if I am the right architect for you and your project. If I am not available or I am not the perfect match, my network of preferred professionals might have the architect you are looking for.

# Staffing

If you are short on hands and need some extra power in the software development department then get in touch and see if I can help you!

Developing in Java/JEE or Ruby on Rails should not be your problem! I will help you with a pragmatic, hands-on approach.
From architecture to software development I can strengthen your team. If I’m currently busy then I’ve got an extended network of professional developers who I can recommend.

# Software Development

You need a solution and not an IT nightmare? Look no further! You should focus on your business and let us worry about IT.

Together we will work in short iterations, which means we work our IT magic and you get to see and validate the result on a regular basis. You benefit in getting what you want and we get to make you happy. It’s a win-win situation!
For larger projects, we rely on our network of preferred professionals so you don’t have to. All that matters to you is the end result.