# About me

# Who am I?

Hi, I’m Vince! I am a 37 year old guy who still feels like he’s about to turn 18. Blessed with a beautiful wife and a teenage son. There are many words that describe me, here are a few. High energy. Poet. Thinking a few steps ahead. Hands on. Adaptor and innovator. Passionate. Pragmatic.

At age eleven, I got bitten by the virus. It was the first time I touched a computer and it was love at first sight. Since then it has never stopped. Later I studied Computer Sciences and Information Sciences. During my internship I worked as a coder and later a designer (not the graphical kind).

Christmas 2004 I started my solo career as an architect and coach.

# What do I do?

I think, write, dream, code, talk, discover, coach, draw and present ideas.
Redefine, expand and optimize existing businesses. And every once in a while start a new one. I like to work at a business or architectural level, but I cannot deny myself the chance to actually build things. See the development page for more details.

When I’m not available, my network of partners and preferred professionals offers a choice of hard hitting, passionate professinals. Check the staffing page for more details.

# Where am I?

Use your smartphone to scan this image.

Your best chance of finding me is in the coastal area’s of the low lands. Yes, The (mostly rainy) Netherlands. In between three large cities in a rural little village, about 15 miles from the North Sea.

For me it is a perfect mix between different worlds. Nothing beats walking the dog on green fields or wet sand after a full throttle day working or having fun.

If you want to drop me a line, check the contact page for ways of contacting me. Or use your smart phone to scan the quick response code to the right of this text.